Revealing How Gla Hair Proves Their Legitimacy

Follow this post to know 3 factors of hair quality, optimized working process and customer service that proves the long-time credibility of Gla Hair Factory.

Gla Hair Factory has gained a remarkable reputation in the market of European hair extensions. But is this supplier truly legitimate? This article will show you what makes Gla Hair get trusted! 

About Gla Hair establishment

Gla Hair is one of the leading hair extensions factories that is based in Viet Nam, aiming to bring premium hair extensions for European countries. 

  • Having more than 10 years in the hair extensions field, from a small manufacturer in Bac Ninh, now Gla Hair has turned their facility into a 1000m2 factory with over 120 workers participating in the systematically producing process. 
  • Moreover, they have worked with 2500 clients around the world and exported 100 tons of hair to many countries, especially UK, Russia, Germany, Italy, Belgium and France, etc. 

Gla Hair Factory is a top-rated supplier in the list of best hair extensions suppliers in Vietnam at the European hair market. 

Gla Hair manufactures high quality hair extensions 

Gla Hair manufactures high quality hair extensions

Revealing how Gla Hair proves their legitimacy

This section helps you to know exactly how Gla Hair can make their wholesale customers put their belief for their business. 

Gla Hair’s clear information of their factory

Gla Hair gives their customers clear and easy to access factory data. On their website, customers can directly see their direct factory address, number of coworkers, area of the factory with real images and videos.

To meet the needs of foreign wholesalers, they also have an offline office in the capital city Hanoi, and the information of the office is published with precise address and opening hours.

One more thing that can acknowledge the credibility of Gla Hair is that they are willing to have video calls & set up a meeting with customers to check samples and finished hair extensions. 

Gla Hair provides clear contact information and address

Gla Hair provides clear contact information and address

Hair extensions quality proves Gla Hair’s ability in the field

Gla Hair filters out and chooses only Vietnamese hair to produce top-notch quality hair extensions with multiple selections in category. 

Vietnamese hair gets its popularity because of the excellently healthy, durable and flexible texture along with an abundant supply, allowing Gla Hair to manufacture hair in a large scale of orders. 

About hair extensions items, Gla Hair can satisfy their customers with various types, grades of hair, colors and styles from basic choices such as natural black hair extensions to ombre ones, ensuring customers’ requirements are successfully met.

Commiting to use high quality extensions material from virgin and raw hair, their hair extensions can be used and tested in duration, styles and tangling test to prove the quality, which are shown in many Gla Hair’s Instagram posts. 

Gla Hair use 100% real Vietnamese human hair to make hair extensions

Gla Hair use 100% real Vietnamese human hair to make hair extensions

Optimized working process at Gla Hair

Gla Hair proves their credit by providing publicly how they manufacture hair extensions. 

First of all, they apply a process of 5 producing steps: 

  • Step 1: Factory workers harvest hair, arrange into bundles of coarse hair weighing 100 grams, comb briefly to remove unsatisfactory strands. 
  • Step 2: Hair is cleaned and dried, disinfected to be ready for styling.
  • Step 3: Hair is styled according to customer requirements. 
  • Step 4: The factory checks the quality of the product, confirms with the customer before shipping. 
  • Step 5: The order is shipped to the customer by international shipping units such as DHL, FedEx or following customers’ desire. 

With remote customers, to help them get easier access to the factory via online platforms, Gla Hair places transparent policies including; privacy commitment, instructions for buyers, shipping & delivery policies as well as warranty terms. Gla Hair accepts return with specific terms and conditions within 7 days from the receipt, so customers no need to worry about their products. 

Gla Hair uploaded real videos in their production process

Gla Hair uploaded real videos in their production process

Customers service

As a professional and reputable hair extensions supplier, Gla Hair Factory focuses on bringing convenient and caring customer service. They are around the clock to support their customers. On average, a customer’s question takes only 10-15 minutes from the factory to reply. The timely answers have helped Gla Hair retain a large number of old customers and expand new customers in Europe.

Above are 3 main factors that are evidence for the credibility of Gla Hair. If you wonder if Gla Hair Factory is a legitimate supplier, you can be truly comfortable working with them. 

For more information, contact Gla Hair at: 

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Hotline: (+84) 349008247
  • Whatsapp: 84349008247
  • Instagram: glahairvietnam
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