Some considerations when choosing Vietnam garment factory

Vietnam, a small nation, ranks among the top nations in the entire globe for textile exports and production. Due to the low cost of hiring workers, the Vietnam garment factory provides a competitive pricing advantage. As a result, the revenue margin for the company will be substantial.

The size and scope of the Vietnam garment factory

In Vietnam, where approximately 50 million people are of working age, there are plenty of human resources available. Additionally, because it is not overly labor-intensive, the clothing industry has very cheap labor costs, which is very advantageous for every Vietnam garment factory and their international and domestic partners.

  • When it relates to Vietnam’s industries, it can be mentioned that the clothing and textiles industry has the most significant investments and development. Over 2.5 million individuals work in every Vietnam garment factory, where there are currently more than 5000 active garment factories.
  • Vietnam’s textile and apparel sector has extraordinarily high productivity just in terms of manufacturing capacity. Vietnam garment factory employs around 5000 companies and over 2.5 million people, producing over 4 billion pieces of goods annually. Not just finished goods but also incredible quantities of cotton fiber (8200 tons/year) and yarn (800 thousand tons/year) are produced by Vietnam’s garment factories, which span 1.5 billion square meters. This saw the industry’s localization rate rise to over 50%.
  • Low production costs make it simpler to reduce product prices, enabling enterprises to be competitive on pricing with other businesses in the same sector.

Vietnam garment factory has been a good choice of business partner

The benefit of working with Vietnam garment factory

A centuries-old textile culture in Vietnam has given Vietnam garment factory a significant competitive advantage, which it has used to grow and develop as their products have reached partners and customers. The advantages of having an abundance of raw materials, low labor costs, and modern equipment are still common when other nations are discussed.

Vietnam garment factory owns affordable, premium raw materials

The supply of clothing materials with the greatest quality and a variety of patterns is something that Vietnam garment factories pay close attention to.

  • High-quality local supplies from long-established craft communities, like cotton and PE textiles, are effectively utilized by Vietnam garment factory. The Vietnam clothing manufacturer reduces the price of purchasing raw materials by effectively utilizing this resource. 
  • Vietnam’s garment factories are able to readily import these supplies from China, which is close to the country, at extremely low prices because China has the biggest and most varied source of textiles and materials in the world.
  • Materials used in construction are those that give garments volume. form, or shape. Additionally, there are lace, crystal beads , ornamental necklaces, pearls, and sequins. Due to their great quality and inexpensive cost, these materials are preferred by over ninety percent of businesses. From there, a variety of models can be encountered.

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Vietnam garment factory has a long history of producing clothing

The textile business in Vietnam has a lengthy history; it has been around for a minimum of one century. However, traditional handicrafts like the weaving of silk and needlework have been around for a very long time.

  • Vietnam has a long history of having craft communities. Vietnam’s apparel industry therefore has advantages in terms of supply and production.
  • Vietnam’s textile and apparel sector, which includes Vietnam garment factory, has experienced double-digit average growth in just the last ten years, making it one of the country’s most significant economic sectors and its primary export, ranking first in the world in terms of value for exported goods after the energy industry.

Vietnam garment factory has a long history of manufacturing clothes

Modern equipment and technology are used in Vietnam garment factory

A number of contemporary pieces of clothing-related equipment have emerged recently as a result of the rapid advancement of science and technology.

  • The technologies and equipment used are frequently sponsored by the government because the textile and apparel industry in Vietnam is a significant economic sector.
  • In order to continue keeping up with the clothing industry’s specialization, the machinery, technology, and equipment employed in Vietnam garment factory are also continuously updated.
  • The Vietnam garment factory, and more especially the government, are continually working to improve Vietnam’s advantageous position in the international apparel market by fully utilizing significant competitive advantages. As a result, the future of the Vietnamese garment industry is bright.

Vietnam garment factory employs skilled individuals

Even though the Vietnam garment factory uses machinery and equipment virtually continuously and has industrialized its manufacturing processes, a team of skilled and experienced workers who are precise and responsible in their jobs is still required.

  • Vietnam’s garment industry has a long history of tradition, so workers at this plant are all highly trained because previous generations have passed on a lot of knowledge to the current generation.
  • To ensure the highest quality items are produced, the staff at the Vietnam garment factory receive extensive training.
  • A team dedicated to designing fashion products that are beautiful and of the highest quality will provide their partners’ clients with clothes that are both stylish and of the highest quality.

Top countries in which Vietnam garment factory dominates the market

Currently, one of the world’s top exporters of clothing, Vietnam continues to draw significant investment from foreign firms. Among the primary causes are affordable labor costs and profitable free trade agreements. Vietnam’s textile and apparel exports have rebounded, which is an improvement over the period prior to the outbreak. The key markets for Vietnam garment factory are the US, South Korea and China. 

Vietnam garment factory currently holds the greatest market share in the US

Vietnam’s biggest market for textile and apparel consumption is still the United States of America. The majority of Vietnam’s textile and apparel exports, or almost half of the entire export value, go to the US. 

  • In recent years, the US market has grown at a typical rate, leading customers to prioritize other necessities over clothes purchases. Customers should exercise caution when purchasing expensive goods. 
  • During this time, businesses in America also collaborated increasingly with the top Vietnam textile manufacturers and Vietnam garment factory. Since Vietnam and America have solid economic ties and it is simple to purchase Vietnamese clothing, importers in the US frequently locate suppliers of products from Vietnamese industry. Additionally, compared to other nations, the tax rate for items imported from Vietnam to America is quite low. Your business will cost significantly more if you do this. 
  • Shoes, children’s clothes, textiles, and garment materials must be the main exports from Vietnam garment factory to the US in order to increase export output. 

Most of the market share in the Vietnam garment factory comes from Korea

With market shares of 34% & 32%, respectively, Vietnam and China are currently the two biggest clothing producers to the Korean market. 

  • Due to the extensive economic contacts between Vietnam and Korea, textile and apparel import and export business is encouraged. Wholesalers in Korea will also benefit from numerous tax breaks when importing this kind of clothing.
  • The most popular clothing items from Vietnam garment wholesale market sent to Korea are jeans, t-shirts, coats, shirts, children’s clothing,…
  • The information above demonstrates that numerous Korean enterprises will instantly profit from this tax exemption, despite the fact that this is thought to be a chance for Vietnamese textile manufacturing. 
  • Domestic raw materials are one of the requirements for Vietnamese goods to enjoy a 0% tax rate. Additionally, this is one of the main drivers behind a Vietnam garment factory’s decision to make investments in garment manufacturing abroad and draw in foreign capital.

Every year at the Vietnam garment factory, China is the second-biggest purchaser of goods

The Vietnamese garment industry’s export revenue that goes to the Chinese market has dramatically expanded in recent years and now exceeds $1 billion USD. 

  • Exports of Vietnamese apparel and textiles to China are expanding rapidly, making China the country’s market for these products after America’s market.
  • Vietnam garment factories located in China produce a variety of items, such as textiles, t-shirts, coats, shorts, lingerie, children’s apparel, and so forth. While China is the world’s top exporter of clothes, wholesalers continue to buy products from Vietnam due to the country’s high quality goods and competitive costs.

List of the best-known Vietnam garment factory

Due to their vast number of things in a variety of styles, current designs, and affordable prices, clothing from Vietnam garment factory is always the top choice of all fashion merchants, big and small. You may buy the “trending” apparel designs that are guaranteed to sell well and meet the needs of the vast majority of clients if you are able to browse and make informed judgments.


Vietnam has many reputable garment manufacturers

Vinaz Garment is a renowned, affordable Vietnam garment factory

A large variety of apparel for men, children and women is created by the Vietnamese manufacturer Vinaz Garment.

  • They have been in the business for more than 15 years and are renowned for their high-quality goods and affordable costs. In order to guarantee that every product reaches the highest possible level of quality, Vinaz Garment Factory employs cutting-edge tools and procedures.
  • Vinaz Garment represents one of the best Vietnam garment factory to take into consideration if you want to purchase clothing from that country online. They are recognized as one of Vietnam’s greenest manufacturers thanks to their dedication to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Top list of the most reliable Vietnam garment factory, courtesy of TAL Apparel

Another top Vietnam garment factory is TAL Apparel, which specializes in shirts, dress and blouses for both men and women.

  • They create high-quality items that satisfy the expectations of the modern fashion industry by utilizing cutting-edge technology and creative manufacturing methods.
  • One of the most eco-friendly textile producers in Vietnam, they are known for their emphasis on sustainability and accountability to society.

Renowned Vietnam clothing factory is Viet Tien clothing

An established Vietnamese company called Viet Tien Garment creates a wide variety of garments for both women and men. 

  • Modern equipment and knowledgeable employees guarantee that each item meets the strictest standards of quality in their factories.
  • By offering their employees fair compensation and secure working circumstances, they also place a high priority on social responsibility.
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