Some Secrets Behind Wig Vendors In China That You May Not Know

Money may be made a lot in the hair market. Because of the nation’s abundance of hair retailers, China is widely regarded as the global leader in this sector. The problem is that not all of them sell things of a satisfactory quality. If you’re searching for the top wig vendors in China, this article is for you.


Some Secrets Behind Wig Vendors In China That You May Not Know

1.Pros and cons of purchasing goods from wig vendors in China

First, let’s discuss the benefits and drawbacks of ordering goods from wigs vendors in China

1.1. Pros of purchasing goods from wig vendors in China

Because China is where the majority of the world’s wig suppliers, buying from a wig factory in China has many advantages:

  • Wig manufacturers in China have huge, sophisticated facilities, so they can quickly produce large demands.
    Furthermore, wholesale wigs in China have the most cutting-edge manufacturing methods and expertise in the world, allowing them to provide stunning wigs in a rainbow of colors and styles. Particularly, they make intricate bespoke wigs on order.

Wig manufacturers in China have huge, sophisticated facilities, so they can quickly produce large demands

  • Due to the intense rivalry among wig vendors in China, wig shops there are under constant pressure to boost their game. Thus, if you buy your wig from a reliable Chinese company, you should have a pleasant buying experience.
  • Since they have their unique commercial ships to several countries and storage in the main cities, transporting hair from China to the globe market is both quick and easy. As an added convenience, many wholesale wigs in China now offer expedited shipment to the European, American, and African markets. The maximum wait time for product delivery is one day.
  • Wig vendors in China can be good options if you’re looking for high-quality items at affordable pricing. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t put too much stock in the items’ longevity.

1.2. Cons of purchasing goods from wig vendors in China

As a result of the country’s abundance of wig factories, you may face the following issues if you decide to make a purchase:

  • Too many options can make you vulnerable to fraud because you won’t know which ones to choose. Fraudsters abound among China’s wig providers, who use a variety of techniques to trick unsuspecting customers into paying before they ever send the product.

Too many options can make you vulnerable to fraud

  • Since local supply falls short of production demands, wig vendors in China must rely on imports from nations like India, Pakistan, and Southeast Asia to produce China hair, all of which might bring inconsistent and unreliable quality. leading to a disparity in hair quality. Wig manufacturers in China use contaminants to transform raw materials that weaken the hair, despite its enticing appearance.
  • If you want high-quality wigs, you’ll have to spend a significant penny at wig vendors in China. Goods from Southeast Asian vendors can be purchased at this price range.

2. Tips to find the best wig vendors in China

Let’s start with the age-old topic of where the best wig vendors in China might be located
The best wigs vendors in China can be located using the following means:

  • Google, Bing, Baidu, etc., and online marketplaces like Alibaba, AliExpress, 1688, Global Sources, etc. AliExpress is where you will find the most extensive selection of hair and wholesale wigs in China. With the right amount of diligence, you may locate the best wig vendors in China using online resources.

Where you will find the most extensive selection

  • You may also locate the top wholesale hair vendors in China by visiting trade shows. For example, for a long time, China has hosted an international hair fair. Numerous Chinese hair shops are shown. Visit this fair to meet the leading wig vendors in China.
  • Suggestions from the Network Finding the best China wigs wholesale hair providers can also be aided by referrals from your network. Finding trustworthy ones is easier with the support of providers, acquaintances, and business associates. This recommendation shows the high quality of these wig vendors in China.

3.A few helpful hints when starting with wig vendors in China

Once you’ve found the top wig vendors in China, here are some things you could do to become a trusted business partner of theirs.

  • A larger purchase is promised pending the success of the initial one. This allows wig vendors in China to offer you a reduction.
  • Credible Chinese wig retailers are multi-million dollar enterprises with extensive distribution networks and varying pricing points. If you want to get the greatest deal, don’t be shy about negotiating with multiple salespeople from the same source.
  • Make it a habit to pay on time, as this establishes credibility and facilitates cooperation in the workplace.

Make it a habit to pay on time

  • Maintain consistent communication with the wig vendors in China’s sales and representation offices. Having a positive rapport with them means that you will be notified about sales or given higher priority when placing an order.
  • Despite their status as the top wholesale wigs in China, they are human and hence prone to making errors. Therefore, extreme caution is required. Maintain a video log of each delivery to use as proof in the event of a future complaint.

4. Top best wigs vendors in China

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest wig vendors in China and also the most reliable hair suppliers in China, each of whom is widely praised by clients from all over the world for the qualities we’ve already discussed.

4.1. Ted Hair – one of the best wigs vendors in China

Since its inception in 2009, China-based Ted Hair has established itself as the go-to source for wholesale wigs for clients all over the world.


Ted Hair – one of the best wigs vendors in China

  • Many types of wigs are available, including those that don’t require glue or tape, those that are made of lace, those that are shaped like bobs and those that are worn with headbands.
  • Wigs can be purchased for a manageable sum, between $29 to $329.
  • You may make a return or exchange here.

TedHair maintains a sizable stock of many wig goods due to its status as one of the best wig vendors in China. When ordering in reasonable quantities, you can get your hair extensions shipped off the same day!

4.2. Henan Fadu – among the best wigs vendors in China

With barely two years of experience, Henan Fadu has quickly risen to be one of China’s most sought-after and top wholesale wig vendors. One of the best things about this hair provider is that they can tailor their products to each individual customer. China bone straight hair is also their best seller.


Henan Fadu – among the best wigs vendors in China

  • The wig selection includes a wide variety of lace styles, as well as pixie cuts, headband wigs, and more.
  • Wigs fall into the low end of the price spectrum, ranging from $12.80 to $87.30.
  • The average rating from satisfied customers on Alibaba is 4.8 stars out of 5.

The United States, Western Europe, and Africa have been Henan Fadu’s primary markets for their elevated hair wigs. The greatest wig vendors in China have won the hearts of clients from various markets, making this company a top choice among wholesale wigs in China.

4.3. Qingdao Haiyi one of the best wig vendors in China

With almost two decades of experience, Qingdao Haiyi has perfected the art of making the best wig vendors in China. It is widely recognized as a top Chinese distributor of wholesale wigs made from human hair.


Qingdao Haiyi one of the best wig vendors in China

  • A blonde wig, lace front wig, 360 wigs, full lace wig are all available as wig items.
  • Wig prices are comparable to those listed by Ted Hair, which range from $38 to $368.
  • An average 4.7/5 star rating from customers on Alibaba.

Qingdao Haiyi is among the leading wholesale wig vendors in China, and the company values developing good relationships with its customers and suppliers both domestically and abroad.

4.4. Henan Moon Hair – among the best wig vendors in China

Inevitably, a company like Henan Moon Hair would make our list, given that they make approximately $700,00 in sales on Alibaba. For those looking for high-quality wigs made from Chinese hair, go no further than this top-tier wholesaler.


Henan Moon Hair – among the best wig vendors in China

  • Human hair wigs (straight, body/deep/loose waves, kinky curly), bob lace wigs, and 613 blonde lace wigs are all available from this vendor. Their best-selling items are high-definition transparent front lace wigs.
  • Wig prices often fall in the range of $38 to $58.
  • An average of 4.9 stars from Alibaba customers.

Henan Moon receives 90 percent of its total income from sales to consumers in North America. The company has more than two decades of expertise in the women’s hair wig sector, making it the greatest in China.

4.5. UNice Hair – one of the best wig vendors in China

UNice Hair is loved by clients around the world because they export only the finest Chinese wigs. This hair manufacturer offers not just wigs, but also wig accessories


UNice Hair – one of the best wig vendors in China

  • The most popular types of wigs are high-density lace (HD lace) and lace front (lace front wigs, U-part lace, 360-degree lace, transparent lace, etc.) wigs.
  • Wigs often cost anything from $99 to $352.
  • UNice Hair is a PayPal and return/exchange-friendly business.

UNice Hair also provides round-the-clock support to its international clientele, so any questions or issues may be answered immediately.

Though hair suppliers in China provide numerous designs of wigs, the quality of hair is not appreciated. If you want to buy high quality wigs that last long up to 10 years, choose Vin Hair from Vietnam. Vin Hair supply wigs that are made of 100% Vietnamese human hair that is straight, shine, silky and durable.

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