Some Amazing Facts About China Human Hair You Should Know

The majority of the globe’s hair is produced in China. Whether they provide China human hair, synthetic hair, or a combination of the two is still a mystery and a cause of confusion. In this essay, we will learn the solution.


Some Amazing Facts About China Human Hair You Should Know

1.The price and quality of China human hair

Is the integrity of China human hair acceptable? Let’s see if its claimed low pricing is true in this part.

1.1. The quality of China human hair

Since human hair in China can come from a variety of different suppliers, determining its quality can be challenging. Medium-quality hair is the norm rather than the exception, yet high- and low-quality hair can be found.


Since human hair in China can come from a variety of different suppliers, determining its quality can be challenging.

  • Primarily, Southeast Asian countries are China’s source for high-quality human hair (mainly Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia). This type of hair is often thick, heavy, and resilient, with minimal loss and good hue and form retention. With careful maintenance, the hair can last for up to five years.
  • China human hair of lower grade hair is typically sourced from India or Brazil. Because of its dryness and inherent curliness, this hair is notoriously challenging to manage when trying to dye or straighten it. The hair must be straightened prior to being styled. Even with proper maintenance, the average life expectancy of hair of this kind is just one year.

Generally speaking, China human hair is chemically treated, so while it may look stunning initially, it rapidly becomes tangled and breaks because of the high amount of toxins used.

1.2. The price of China human hair

Due to the wide range in quality, the cost of human hair China varies widely as well. However, the price is relatively low when compared to the going rate in the market today. China’s commercial manufacturing, low-cost labor, and abundant raw materials have made China human hair the most reasonably priced option on the market. A bundle of human hair from China costs roughly $7.

Some of the things that go into establishing the cost of human hair in China are as follows:

  • The quality of hair reflects its country of origin. Chinese hair is more expensive than hair from other countries because of its source. The higher price tag on Southeast Asian hair is due to the higher quality of that hair compared to, say, Brazilian or Indian hair.

The quality of hair reflects its country of origin

  • Length: Naturally, the prices differ with the hair length. You’ll have to shell out extra cash for longer hair.
  • The cost of China human hair varies by grade. Human hair in China is categorized into levels 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A, and 11A. A higher grade of hair will be of greater quality, have less cracking, and cost more.
  • Curly hair costs more than bone straight or natural hair because of the difference in styling. More handling goes into making more expensive hair, so that’s why.

2. Advantage when working with China human hair factories

Human hair China is highly sought after right now, and for good reason.

  • As a result of China human hair’s well-established market position, it is simpler for resellers and suppliers to acquire the product for resale to end users.
  • Several of the world’s best manufacturers of human hair are located in China, and their high-tech equipment allow them to crank out huge volumes of hair quickly. Consequently, you can confidently buy bulk hair without having to wait for very long.

You can confidently buy bulk hair without having to wait for very long.

  • Transportation timeframes are short also due to China’s cutting-edge logistic infrastructure. Given China’s established trade ties with most nations, buying China human hair is a breeze for international merchants.
  • Human hair China has a low cost because of the scale benefits of efficiencies, as well as the low cost of materials and manpower. Therefore, hair sellers who deal in China human hair can expect to earn substantial annual earnings.

3.High-tech system for treating China human hair

Due to China’s status as a global leader in technological advancement, the China human hair procedure described here is cutting edge.

  • In each and every one of a human’s hairs The Chinese plant has state-of-the-art equipment and employs highly trained staff. Once the hair has been gathered, it will be transported to this facility to undergo the various procedures necessary to produce the end result.

In each and every one of a human’s hairs The Chinese plant has state-of-the-art equipment and employs highly trained staff

  • Hair suppliers in China may keep costs low by streamlining processes, concentrating on huge volumes of manufacturing, and utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing innovations. Unfortunately, lengthier storage times accompany big production, making it more challenging to guarantee the original amount and quality.
  • The non-Remy Indian hair that China imports from India is frequently tainted with contaminants like pet hair, and the equipment and technique in India are unable to remove them. However, China’s advanced cleaning revolutionising these bundles into beautiful Remy hair.

4. Assessing the Quality of China Human Hair

So many companies offer hair services in China; how do you select the greatest nice China human hair from all the options? It’s difficult to gauge the quality of human hair China while shopping virtual or via webcam, so it’s recommended that you get a trial before making a full purchase. See some of our suggestions for verifying China human hair:

  • Verify manually:
    • Probably run your hands through your locks from the scalp to the ends, applying different degrees of pressure to see if any strands of hair come out.
    • The color of China human hair: If the hair hue remains on your palms after washing, the dye job is a failure.
    • Check the compatibility, glue content, and foldability of curly China human hair by gently running your fingers through it or with a brush.

Probably run your hands through your locks from the scalp to the ends

  • View for yourself: Inspect the hair’s tip to check if it has tumbled; if so, the cuticle covering could be damaged, making the hair brittle and prone to breakage.
  • You can identify if China human hair has been handled with toxic substances by taking a whiff of it.
    • Using compounds to cure hair typically results in a foul odor because of the reaction between the substance and the hair.
    • Authentic China human hair may have a unique scent, but if that scent persists after multiple washing, you can assume the hair is of low quality.

If that scent persists after multiple washing, you can assume the hair is of low quality

  • You can use a fire trial to verify the quality of human hair imported from China. Place a match or an odorless candle burning directly over the strands.
    • All natural human hair extensions will burn cleanly, leaving behind just fine ash, if this is indeed the case.
    • No ash will be produced during the combustion of synthetic hair, but black smoke and the smell of burning plastic will be released.

5.Top best China human hair factories

We have produced a list of the top 5 China hair manufacturers based on their reliability, performance outcomes, and affordable prices in case you are still searching for a reliable company to buy China human hair.

5.1. Ted Hair – top 1 China human hair factory

As a result of its scale, Ted Hair – one of the top wholesale hair vendors in China, is capable of manufacturing large volumes of cheap China human hair for sale.


Ted Hair – top 1 China human hair factory

  • Hair extensions, wigs, closures, frontals, tape-ins, and tip-ins are all available in a rainbow of sizes, styles, and hues.
  • Prices per item start at USD $23.5 and go up to USD $329.
  • Refunds and exchanges are permitted.

Ted Hair exports numerous items manufactured with human hair China to all corners of the globe. Ted Hair is the top China human hair manufacturer for those in urgent need of bulk quantities of China human hair.

5.2. Rosabeauty Hair – top 2 China human hair factory

Rosabeauty Hair is a Guangzhou hair factory with an aim to become the go-to source for all things related to providing China human hair and other hair extensions.


Rosabeauty Hair – top 2 China human hair factory

  • Hair bundles with closures, hair extensions, and wigs made from human hair China are the company’s bread and butter items.
  • Expense: a little higher than average, however the quality is superb when compared to similar offerings from competing vendors.
  • Shipping is on the house, and you can send something back if you don’t like it in 14 days.

Due to Rosabeauty Hai’s unbeatable quality, enticing products, and low costs, the company has earned widespread recognition as the preeminent China human hair maker.

5.3. Xuchang Longqi Hair Vendor – top 3 human hair factory

Xuchang Longqi Hair is a pioneer in the Chinese hair industry thanks to its many years of expertise in the manufacturing of China human hair.


Xuchang Longqi Hair Vendor – top 3 human hair factory

  • Wigs, lace frontals, lace closures, and pre-bonded hair are among their most popular offerings.
  • Costs 58.46 US Dollars for 4 Bundles of Malaysian Natural Hair Weave, 8 Inches
  • The administration will permit the swapping out or returning of products.
  • In the Chinese province of Henan, specifically the city of Xuchang.

If you want the best China human hair maker at a reasonable price, go no further than Xuchang Longqi Hair Vendor.

5.4. SVT Hair – top 4 human hair factory

If you’re looking for 100 percent human hair in China, stop by SVT Hair. Having been in the hair industry for over ten years and operating their own production facility allows them to offer wholesale costs much below the industry standard.


SVT Hair – top 4 human hair factory

  • Weave hair, human hair wigs from China, high-definition (HD) lace wigs, hair bundles, etc.
  • Straight Long Weave 1 Piece 28-36 Inch Hair Bundles are $118.76–$148.85 (USD).
  • We have a no-strings-attached policy of including giveaways through each purchase. Exchanges within 30 days

Due to the wide range of options it provides, SVT Hair is the ideal China human hair manufacturer to go with.

5.5. Baco Hair – top 5 human hair factory

For the past decade, Baco Hair has supplied large and small hair retailers in China and beyond with high-quality China human hair.


Baco Hair – top 5 human hair factory

  • In stock: lace frontals, lace closures, lace wigs, and human hair extensions sourced from China. All sorts of exotic hairs, such as those from Brazil, India, and Peru, go into making their hair.
  • They have such a large inventory that all orders are fulfilled within one business day. It’s possible to receive your money back if you return it within 1 month.
  • They also provide free samples.
  • Place of Origin: China; Shandong Province; Juan Cheng City

If you’re just getting started in the hair industry and you desire to collaborate with the finest, go no farther than Baco Hair, the leading China human hair producer.

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