Useful Information Regarding The Vietnamese Hair Factory

If you’re a fan of Vietnamese hair, do not skip this article which will reveal all the facts about the Vietnamese hair factory. 

The global hair industry has enormous potential, particularly in the African countries. If you’re about to start a hair business and are looking for a reliable supplier, a Vietnamese hair factory can be the best choice supplying premium and affordable hair.

Why a Vietnamese hair factory can be your best choice 

The global hair market’s becoming more and more lucrative. Numerous people see its potential and wish to become wholesalers and retailers. However, they find it difficult in selecting a reliable and suitable one among numerous hair suppliers on the world hair market. And a Vietnamese hair factory can be one of the best options for superior hair  quality and affordable prices 

1.1. Hair supplied by the Vietnamese hair factory is of high quality 

Vietnam hair factory can provide high-quality products due to: 

  • High-quality materials: raw materials used by the Vietnamese hair factory mainly gathered from women in rural areas or mountainous regions in the North of Vietnam, in which the climate and weather is mild and people live healthy lifestyles. That’s why their hair is healthy, inherently shiny and smooth.
  • Skilled workers: Due to their extensive experience in hair processing, the Vietnam hair factory’s employees are well-qualified to make gorgeous and intricate hair products. 

1.2. Vietnamese hair factory offers competitively priced hair products 

The price of Vietnamese hair product belong to the average hair market price segment. In addition, thanks to the plentiful domestic raw materials, a Vietnamese hair factory is able to minimize the cost of input and offer clients competitive prices. 

1.3. Purchasing from the Vietnamese hair factory is safer 

The political situation in Vietnam is more stable than in many other nations. Therefore, purchasing hair from a hair factory in Vietnam will not result in any delivery or customs complications. 

In addition, the Vietnam hair factory uses transparently sourced raw materials, so the customers can buy hair from them with confidence. 

Vietnamese hair factory’s best-selling hair products 

In this section are the best sellers manufactured by the Vietnam hair factory.

2.1. Raw hair – the best seller of the Vietnamese hair factory 

Raw hair Vietnam is one of the best sellers and profitable hair products of the Vietnamese hair factory. 

Raw hair – one of the best sellers of the Vietnamese hair factories

  • The most elementary definition of Vietnam raw hair is unprocessed hair that hasn’t been chemically or thermally processed. The intact cuticles ensure that the hair is of the best quality. 

In addition, raw hair Vietnam also refers to premium hair processed to many forms of hair extensions like weft hair, tape ins, clips in, tips in, etc. 

  • Since Vietnam’s unprocessed hair is both natural and chemical-free, the global hair market considers it especially appealing. Distributors worldwide choose to purchase hair from the Vietnamese hair factory, then color and style it as requirements of their customers. 
  • Popularity also stems from the fact that raw hair in Vietnam costs less and incurs fewer taxes or fees than imported finished products. Therefore , the popularity of raw hair in Vietnam continues to rise. 

2.2. African customers adore the hair weft produced by the Vietnamese hair factory. 

Weft hair is an ideal choice for people who want to manage low density with lifeless curls. 

Weft hair – One of the best sellers of Vietnamese hair factories

In the African market, hair weft supplied by the Vietnam hair factories is so sought-after. Because the Africans typically have short and thin hair, they need hair weft to attach to their hair to help them have longer and fuller hair. African hair distributors  can earn up to 4 times their original cost of Vietnamese weft hair.

2.3. Tip ins, tape ins and clip ins – the most popular hair products from the Vietnamese hair factory in the European market 

Hair extensions (including tip ins, tape ins and clip ins) provided by the Vietnamese hair factory are so popular in the European market. People in Europe have long hair but extremely thin, so they need hair products which can make their hair thicker. 

Clip in, tape in and tip in hair – the best sellers of Vietnamese hair factories

Hair distributors in Europe can increase their annual profits by seven to eight times by selling hair extensions supplied by the Vietnam hair factory. 

Some useful information regarding the Vietnamese hair factory 

Before working with the Vietnam hair factories, you should consider some useful information below:

  • The number of real Vietnamese hair manufacturers is so small, with the vast majority being commercial enterprises. The suppliers may introduce themselves as hair factories, in fact they are commercial entities. Many hair distributors prefer Vietnam hair factories to commercial ones because of their higher quality consistency and affordable prices. 

To identify the real hair manufacturer, one must conduct exhaustive investigation and research. In the next part , we will offer some suggestions for identifying a trustworthy Vietnamese hair factory. 

  • Vietnam hair factory uses premium raw materials, making price negotiations difficult. Generally, they accept the initial proposal. Nevertheless, if you purchase in large quantities, they may give you a discount. 
  • Where to find the Vietnam hair factories? There are villages in the north of Vietnam that specialize in the hair industry. Many Vietnamese hair suppliers have their factory located in industrial parks in Bac Ninh, with sales offices located in Hanoi. 
  • Rarely does a Vietnamese hair factory use virgin hair; remy hair predominates. Hair cut from a single donor (virgin hair)  is insufficient to make a product. Vietnam hair factories must use hair from about 2 donors in order to make a completed product. Therefore, if a Vietnam hair factory claims to only sell virgin hair, they are liars.

How to identify the dependable Vietnamese hair factory 

Utilize the following recommendations to identify a reliable hair factory in Vietnam: 

  • Create a list of Vietnam hair factory by asking for the recommendations from your friends, business partners, relatives or using the Internet. 
  • Ask the salesman of the Vietnamese hair factory a video call. Manufacturers will be eager to show you their facilities, with products. 
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask the salesperson from the Vietnam hair factories. They must be knowledgeable and well-informed about their hair products and fearless when answering challenging questions. Some questions recommended are about the hair’s origin, quality, and whether or not it has been treated with heat or chemicals. 
  • Check the Vietnamese hair factory’s policies regarding payment, shipping, returns and refunds before placing orders. To minimize risk, choose hair vendors with transparent policies. In addition, it is preferable to choose a Vietnam hair factory accepting PayPal. PayPal’s customer protection policy allows you to purchase with confidence. However, there are a limited number of hair factories in Vietnam accepting PayPal and have a transparent return policy. 
  • Ask for samples if you’re still insured. Or if the Vietnam hair factory does not offer samples, start with a small order first and only increase them when you feel trusted.

Top recommended Vietnamese hair factory 

For those who are still finding it difficult locating a reputable Vietnamese hair factory, we’ve compiled top 3 best of  

5.1. Vin Hair Vendor – top 1 best Vietnamese hair factory 

The hair extensions from Vin Hair are meticulously maintained and of the best quality, enabling you to completely alter your appearance. 

  • Hair bulk bundles, hair weft, wigs, clip ins, tape ins, and additional hair extension products are available. 
  • Pricing: Very competitive. The price of closure begins at $70. 
  • Policy: you can return or exchange the goods within two days of receipt.  
  • Review: many positive reviews

Vin Hair Vendor can be an excellent choice for those seeking for the best Vietnamese hair factory 

5.2. Jen hair – top 2 best Vietnamese hair factory 

Jen Hair is considered one of the best raw hair factories in Vietnam thanks to its numerous selections of hair products 

  • Main products are hair weft, closures and frontals in various textures, sizes and colors. Jen Hair’s curly hair is so popular in the global hair market.
  • Jen Hair is renowned for offering premium products at reasonable prices.
  • Policy: Jen Hair accepts exchanges and returns
  • Review: Jen Hair receives numerous positive feedback from the customers

When searching for a reliable raw hair factory in Vietnam, Jen Hair is a reliable one for you to purchase hair from 

5.3. Mic Hair – top 3 best Vietnamese hair factory 

Mic Hair is a Vietnam hair factory supplying superior hair and excellent customer service. 

  • This company sells raw hair bundles, bulk hair, hair weft, closures and frontal 
  • Price: Although costly, the quality is worth the price, beginning at $7.7 per bundle 
  • Returns and exchanges must be initiated within 30 days. 

Mic Hair’s really a great Vietnamese hair factory which can fulfill your requirements of premium hair and exceptional customer service.

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